One night, two best friends Terry and Krystian sat in Terry’s kitchen and wondered where they could get an empanada on-the-go like the one Krystian’s mom would make. Seeing a gap in the gourmet food truck industry, best friends Terry Nicolaou and Krystian Catala decided to take matters into their own hands. With a fresh, creative idea and a love of Latin food, they took influence from Krystian’s Argentinian background and their knowledge in the food and restaurant industry and ole… Gourmet Gringos was born!

Owner Krystian Catala has over twenty years experience in the restaurant industry, first helping out at his fathers banquet hall at the young age of ten and then eventually owning and operating many successful family businesses over the years. He also has a Degree from York University in Political Science.

Owner Terry Nicolaou’s knowledge owning his own restaurant and more than ten years combined working experience in the food industry created the perfect pairing for the two best friends to start their own business.


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